Meili Corbin was born in Austin, Texas, and has lived in various places in the US as well as abroad in Germany, France, Austria and Italy. Her exposure to art began at a very young age and Meili was intrigued by how the standards of beauty were redefined in each culture she encountered.
     Corbin graduated magna cum laude from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas with a BA in Studio Art and minors in French and Art History. She earned her MFA in Painting in Corciano, Italy and Rome, Italy through American University’s (Washington, DC) Art in Italy Program. For the past two decades, Corbin’s work has revolved around her research in the contemporary sublime and the beautiful. Her work examines the shifting contemporary response to the sublime and the beautiful as it is experienced through the filter of consumerism, shameless multiples, physical barriers and distractions of everyday life. Most recently, Corbin’s research has led her to ponder the current fragile state of the world and the implications of consumerism on future generations. Corbin’s work has been exhibited in the USA and Europe, landed in private collections and included in various publications including Studio Visit Magazine. After spending time in Southern California, Meili has recently moved her studio to the Texas Hill Country where she lives with her husband and three children.
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